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Tayinloan Village, Kintyre

With a population of 190, Tayinloan is the main village in the Largieside area of Kintyre.

Tayinloan is the collection point for Gigha. In the past the Mail coach horses rested in the village stables. The village once had a meal mill, bakery, shoemakers, blacksmith, sawmill and general store, but only one village shop now remains.

Little steamships (puffers) used to unload cargos of coal onto horse carts at Tayinloan beach. The ferry for Gigha now arrives at this slipway.

Tayinloan Jetty, Copyright© Alison Clements Tayinloan Ferry, Copyright© Alison Clements View of Tayinloan from Jetty Copyright© Alison Clements Tayinloan Ferry Terminal Copyright© Alison Clements Tayinloan Tourist Information Copyright© Alison Clements

Two miles towards Tarbert is Rhunahaorine. In the early 19th century, Rhunahaorine was well known for illegal whisky making, but regular raids by customs eventually put an end to this practice.

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