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Muasdale Village, Kintyre

The Village takes its name from the Norse mungasdal, the valley of monks. In 1263 King Haakon of Norway was anchored with his long ships off the coast of Gigha when his priest died. The body was put ashore at Muasdale for the Saddell Abbey monks to carry over the hills for burial.

Near the 18th Century Pack Horse Bridge is an Old Coaching Inn. The large house with a walled garden at the south end of the village was formerly the Manse for the parish of Killean and Kilchenzie.

Muasdale Beach Copyright© Alison Clements Muasdale Sunset Copyright© Alison Clements Frozen Stream Muasdale, Copyright© Alison Clements Sea Stack Muasdale, Copyright© Alison Clements A'Chelit Beach Steps Copyright© Alison Clements Bluebell Field Muasdale Village Copyright© Alison Clements

The unusual rock formations on the north edge of the village are old sea stacks, left high and dry, caused by sea level change at the end of the last Ice Age.

Muasdale Holiday Park