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Dunaverty, Kintyre

Only traces of the fortress wall of Dunaverty Castle remain today but it had a bloody history ending in 1647 when General Leslie besieged the castle and whose troops massacred 300 of the defenders including Commander Archibald MacDonald of Sanda.

The first records found of the castle are in the Annals of Ulster for AD712 when Sealbach, King of Dalriada, besieged it.

The castle was captured by King Haakon of Norway in 1263, sheltered Robert the Bruce in 1306 and was visited by King James IV in 1494. It was rebuilt in 1542 but in 1558 was attacked during a raid on Kintyre by the Earl of Sussex. The castle was demolished in 1685 after the forfeiture of the Earl of Argyll.

Dunaverty Golf Club, Kintyre, Scotland