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Fantastic History & Things To Do In Kintyre

Kintyre's Castle Ruins

Kintyre is rich in history, with castle ruins at Tarbert and Skipness being the most prominent in Kintyre.

Tarbert castle overlooks Loch Fyne and the harbour below, its keep (currently being restored) and fallen walls all that remains of what once would have been an important vantage point in watching the Loch Fyne coastline.

Skipness castle is larger, more majestic and dates back to the 13th Century. You can step inside the castle and the grounds, and many people find it a pleasure to sit and have a picnic at the foot of the castle while appreciating the stunning views across to Arran.

The Machrihanish Bird Observatory

Bird of many hundreds of species travel up and down the length of Kintyre, many on migratory patterns from hot to cold climates, and vice versa. Machrihanish sits to the far south west point of Kintyre, the location for the Machrihanish Bird Observatory.

The observatory is free to use and provides an excellent wind protected facility to sit and watch the birds as they land on the jutting rocks for a breather before continuing their journey.

There are literally dozens of unusual birds to see and is a fantastic place to sit and read a book, and capture photos of the birds. If you are lucky you may get the chance to come within 50 yards of a common seal without leaving dry land!

The Campbeltown Heritage Centre

Containing artifacts and items of historical interest dating back centuries, the Campbeltown Heritage Centre is a snapshot of time during different eras with much about fishing and whisky.

The Kintyre Way Walk

Walking is a popular past time for many people, and what better way to explore Kintyre than leisurely on foot. The Kintyre Way walk and other walks allow you to explore most of Kintyre in your own time and often with fantastic viewpoints along the way.

Golf On Great Links Golf Courses

If you are a keen links golfer, then you will love Kintyre. Packing three of the countries best links golf courses within 20 miles of each other, Kintyre offers Dunaverty Golf Club, The Machrihanish Golf Club, and Machrihanish Dunes which is built on a site of scientific interest.

All three courses are kept in excellent condition, are accessible most of the time (although booking is encouraged), and offer an unhurried and enjoyable challenge.

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