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Accessibility is the method of making websites available to as many people as possible across as many different impairments, boundaries and devices.

1 W3C Compatibility follows the W3C Accessibility Guidelines closely to a practicable best. follows the XHTML Transitional DTD and is fully HTML5 compatible. supplies alternative text for all images important for screen reader inclusion.

Disclaimer: We make every effort to conform to W3C Accessibility. Where any feature or part of this website is non-conforming this is as a result of time and financial restriction. If at any time you find problems with any part of this website please contact us to advise and we will make the appropriate changes to ensure that your accessibility requirements are addressed.

2 CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) uses cascading style sheets for data presentation which helps keep the data, layout, and presentation separate. This also increases page speed and ease of maintenance.

3 Mobile Friendly Website is a mobile friendly website and should appear correctly and as near as intended on all mobile devices and handsets (subject to resolution). Changing the stylesheet type at the top left corner of the website page will change for a particular device uses minimal Javascript due to incompatibility with mobile devices.

4 W3C Mobile Accessibility is developed with mobile accessibility at the heart. By changing stylesheets you can view this website on any mobile or handheld device. With any keypad enabled smartphone you can also select up to 38 individual links using a key press.

5 Browser Compatibility has been developed to work seamlessly across any of the main browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Safari (and iOS), Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. also functions with screen readers.

6 Font Size Manipulation supports font-size manipulation via the web browser using the .em sizing css standard. Font resizing options are usually available in the view / zoom menu options of your browser.

7 Colour Selection uses various colour schemes aimed at making content easy to view and that places no visual impairment to colour impaired individuals. If you do have any issues with any of the colour contrasts on our website please contact us with details of your problem.

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