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About (the domain name) is in care of the Long & Winding Way Company Ltd as transferred to by the now dormant Kintyre Marketing Group in 2008. In 2009 a new partnership between Net Visuals and The Long & Winding Way Company Ltd to carry forward a proactive and effective digital presence for Kintyre was agreed which could further develop and aid tourism to this part of Scotland..

Marketing Kintyre
Net Visuals web design who owns and operates several other websites for Kintyre (including, and does not own but creates and manages a web presence for the benefit of the Long & Winding Way Company Ltd and digital subscribers..

Net Visuals has leased (for a minimum period of 3 years from September 2010) from the Long & Winding Way Company Ltd and provides a professional website and tourism marketing solution for the benefit of Kintyre and website advertisers as a primary tourism portal sustaining and developing tourism for the area.

Disclaimer is completely separate from any websites and domains owned and operate by Net Visuals providing an independent and different set of aims and objectives from other websites hosted in our other portfolio. still remains firmly in competition with and offers a premium alternative to other local based websites and with other websites in ownership by Net Visuals.

Information Sources refers to data from numerous sources including books and websites. A full bibliography is displayed below.

Book Bibliography
The Rough Guide To Scotland, The Making Of Scotland

Web Site Bibliography
Wikipedia, The Kintyre Way

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